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CalSavers is an easy way to save for retirement. Set up your account today.

Saving for retirement just got easier!

The State of California created CalSavers to ensure that all Californians have access to a workplace retirement savings program by providing a simple, portable, low-cost way for workers to invest in their futures. 

  • You contribute to a Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that belongs to you.
  • Your participation is completely voluntary: you can opt out or back in at any time.
  • You can stick with the standard options for savings rates and investments, or you can choose your own.
  • You keep your account even if you change jobs.
  • Your savings rate will automatically increase by 1% each year until your savings rate reaches 8%, unless you choose otherwise.

Most savers will participate in CalSavers through their employer.

After your employer registers, you’ll receive a notification from CalSavers that it’s time to take action. You can choose one of the following three options:

Do nothing

If you do nothing, after 30 days you will be automatically enrolled with the standard savings and investment options.

Customize account setup

You can choose to customize your savings choices, leave the standard options in place, and add beneficiaries.

Opt out

You can opt out of CalSavers at any time, but you must be added to CalSavers by an employer before you can opt out. The easiest way to opt out is either by calling our automated phone system at
(855) 650 – 6918 or through our website. You can also choose to download, complete, and mail-in a paper opt-out form. If you change your mind, you can opt back in at any time through the same methods.

If you’re self-employed or don’t work for an employer registered with CalSavers, you can now contribute directly.

Simply sign yourself up and set up automatic contributions from your bank account to your CalSavers account. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

How much is enough?

Our Retirement Calculator lets you see how CalSavers can fit your budget and what it could mean for your retirement savings.

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